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Rediscover Travel Group - A destination packaged specialist company dedicated to helping you rediscover Australia and the world!

In 2020, Chris Watson of Chris Watson Travel, Tamworth, pivoted his successful music and group-focused agency due to the prolongedCovid-19 Pandemic. He introduced domestic travel packages, branded as'Rediscover Australia', providing relief to travel advisors and the public amid severe restrictions.

In early 2023, Chris recognised the desire for Australians to resume international travel with confidence, so Rediscover Australiatransformed into Rediscover Travel Group.

Meanwhile, Walter Nand, a veteran in the cruise and travel wholesalesectors, restarted his Unique Cruises company, promoting luxury river & small-ship cruising experiences in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Collaborating with Chris, Unique Cruises joined RediscoverTravel Group with Walter spearheading the new entity as General Manager.

Investors and advisors, Andrew Minto and Narelle Cook, who each own well established and reputable travel agencies, recognized RTG's potential and joined forces with Chris & Walter.

Together, the four owners boast over 100 years of industry experience. Through their extensive network, Rediscover Travel Group offers unique, quality travel packages, catering to those eager to reignite their wanderlust.

Rediscover Travel Group is based around six core 'Product Pillars'.

The six product pillars of Rediscover Travel Group are designed to cater to various travel preferences and interests:

Rediscover City Stays: Offers immersive experiences in urban destinations, allowing travelers to explore vibrant cities and their cultural attractions.
Rediscover Theatre: Provides access to theatrical performances and cultural events, allowing travelers to enjoy the arts while traveling.
Rediscover VIP Concerts: Offers exclusive access to concerts and live music events, providing unforgettable entertainment experiences.
Rediscover Resort Breaks: Offers relaxing getaways at luxurious resorts, allowing travelers to unwind and rejuvenate in beautiful settings.
Rediscover Unique Cruises & Rail: Provides unique cruise and rail experiences, allowing travellers to explore scenic routes and destinations by water and rail.
Rediscover Wellness: Offers wellness-focused travel experiences, including spa retreats, yoga retreats, and wellness-focused activities, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation during travel.

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Rediscover Australia and the World!
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